If i have been right on anything please share! x

  1. hi im super excited in getting my reading cant wait

    (Posted on 2018-11-21 20:44:00 by lillysmommy)
  2. I know a few people who have had readings from Sandra and they highly recommended her. Decided to get a one card reading to see for myself. I can honestly say she is brilliant spot on with everything. Thanks Sandra hopefully in the near future I will go for a full card reading.

    (Posted on 2017-04-22 12:08:00 by Anne D)
  3. Reading was vague sorry

    (Posted on 2015-11-07 17:25:00 by Charlotte)
  4. Hi Sandra thank you for the great wee reading :D i will defo get more readings from yourself.. Charlotte x

    (Posted on 2013-10-07 15:35:00 by charlie48)
  5. Hi Sandra,
    Just had time to really sit down and read my reading and I am totally flabbergasted by the amount of accurate things you told me, I am also looking forward to the future as it's starting to look up can't wait for the changes in my life once again thank-you Xxx C

    (Posted on 2013-08-18 19:02:00 by Cathy)
  6. Was recommended to Sandra by my best friend and was intrigued to see what would be said. Absolutely got everything down to a tee brilliant. I will be making an appointment with you Sandra. Thanks so much

    (Posted on 2013-08-08 17:53:00 by Jo Graley)
  7. spot on sandra with my reading thank you

    (Posted on 2013-07-29 17:46:00 by glenys hinchliff)
  8. hi sandra just to say thank u so much for my pet reading u where spot on and never laughed so much with things u told me u have am amazing talent xxxxx

    (Posted on 2013-07-23 17:23:00 by donna)
  9. I got a reading from sandra today, wow she described me to a T and she brought up things nobody else even knew about. Thank you for bringing me peace and comfort and for taking your time to do my reading, absolutely amazing lady and will be recommending you :)

    (Posted on 2013-07-10 14:08:00 by stacey)
  10. I recently had a mini reading off Sandra and i wasnt expecting that much for a mini reading i fort it would only be a couple of lines. but everything she said in my reading was true&& but i cannot say anything about the months. but i would reccoment sandra to anyone. i have reccomended her to my sister in law and she said she really good
    thanks sandra

    (Posted on 2013-04-18 18:01:00 by Chriss Rafferty)
  11. hi sandra i got my reading last night and a cannot believe what you told me u where spot on with everything although am keeping in mind names u have told me and what u just sent me a was in tears in a verry good way cause what u told me esp alot in my past u picked up u have such an amazing talent i defo would recamend u and will be comming back for a reading in the future thank u so much donna xxxxx

    (Posted on 2013-04-16 19:15:00 by donna)
  12. thank you sandra for all my readings you gave me , you were so spot on with most things . i truely do think you are a gifted women , I thank you , even my freinds that have had readings say the same as me you are amazing ,thank you again so much xxxxx

    (Posted on 2013-03-21 19:25:00 by shirley moore cahill)
  13. I had a conception reading a few months ago and i am very happy to say to were spot on! i got my bfp just a few days ago and you predicted February. Conception occured valentine's day.
    Fingers crossed you were right with gender.
    Many Thanks Sandra :)

    (Posted on 2013-02-27 12:13:00 by Rachael Ocampo)
  14. Hi, Thanks for the mini reading Sandra, very spot on :D Wild child past yes and can be still sometimes lol.. i am a happy person true.. i am thinking its my husband your picking up on that makes me Smile :D the three chidren are my grandkids :D the person you say about health is my sisterinlaw :D you are very gifted, and i would reccomend you also get another reading again.. x x

    (Posted on 2013-02-07 15:39:00 by Charlotte)
  15. Hi can I just ask everyone how long it takes to ehar from Sandra? Paid a few days ago but havent heard anything xx

    (Posted on 2013-01-30 12:32:00 by hannahtucker)
  16. I got a conception reading in Jan of last year. You told me I would have good news in march and a baby boy in Nov. You were absolutely spot on. My baby boy was born on guy fawkes night!
    I am totally amazed by how gifted you are and I will most certaininly recommend you to friends.

    (Posted on 2013-01-05 08:19:00 by Vikki)
  17. Thank you for my reading hun, spot on with alot there, I am struggling a bit this month and i have my fingers in pies at the mo, which should give me a bit of finacial security in time to come. I am sort of in the middle of decorating all way through my house as well. And the young man around me is my adorable 8mth grandson.Farther figure in spirit is my grandad and was more like a farther to me. spot on huni thank you

    (Posted on 2012-12-18 22:16:00 by Hayley)
  18. you were spot on , with my mini reading, nearly had me in tears. you truely have a gift, i would really like to Thank you so much xxxx i will be in contact again with you soon , Thank you Again so much xx your reading has meant alot to me xxxxx

    (Posted on 2012-11-28 17:56:00 by Shirley Cahill)

    (Posted on 2012-11-13 21:10:00 by TINA)

    (Posted on 2012-11-13 21:10:00 by TINA)
  21. I have had a few readings from sandra now, and all have had truth in them, my sister in law had a baby girl, she was right there was going to be baby girl born round me soon, that was at the start of the year, recent reading (today 8/0ct/12) she told me someone else was going to have fab news and it was another baby going to born, yes she was right my sister is due in Jan (she has been trying for almost 2 years) and also she brung my papa up in-which she could tell me what he looked like, hair, build what year he was born, how he died all was spot on, there is alot more she has said i am just binding my time to see if truth will come out in that :) i dont know this personaly i am very greatful what she could tell :) thanks alot sandra :) xx

    (Posted on 2012-10-08 17:36:00 by Clair)
  22. thanku hun xx as always you never let me down. just need to figure out who the wee boy is i aing got a clue. thanu for taken the time to do my reading. xxxx

    (Posted on 2012-09-25 11:13:00 by norma)
  23. Hi is there a number available for Sandra, I have sent a few emails and made payment but no reply...my email does play up so just want to make sure she got them?

    (Posted on 2012-09-24 19:51:00 by kjm)
  24. To the person who posted about not conceiving, The fact she says on her main webpage "this is for entertainment purposes only" means that she does not claim to be able to speak to spirit or predict the future and that it is only for your entertainment. OF COURSE IT IS NOT REAL!

    (Posted on 2012-09-05 08:08:00 by Jane Frew)
  25. Had a couple readings done now and they were brilliant, a lot of things were spot on, will be having more in the futre, would definetly recommend Xxx

    (Posted on 2012-08-03 18:10:00 by Cathy Millar)
  26. can i get a reading please it would be much appreciated xx

    (Posted on 2012-08-03 14:59:00 by elaine)
  27. Had a few readings, which I would say a lot was spot on.. Described me to a T as a person, lol, and also mediumship reading with an exact description of my Gran, who died when I was a baby. I checked with sister and saw photos. Also knew about my disastrous past relationships. Well done

    (Posted on 2012-07-19 18:57:00 by Jacqueline McGuire)
  28. hi
    got a reading from sandra it was fantastic would highly recommend a reading from sandra xxxx

    (Posted on 2012-06-20 18:45:00 by catherine25)
  29. I received my reading today from Sandra, I have to say she was spot on with a lot of things she said. Very good reading. Would recommend to anyone! :-)

    (Posted on 2012-04-24 17:40:00 by Darlene)
  30. I had a reading via email last year,yu predicted id conceive buy march early april , sadly this is not the case and after holding on to a glimmer of hope i know now not to build myself up with any kind of readings in future

    (Posted on 2012-04-24 16:04:00 by chelle)
  31. I have had two readings from Sandra now one being a photo reading and the other a six months ahead and she has been spot on on a few things so much so that im going to get a relationship reading done in the next few days.I hope to get her in the next few weeks to my home so my friends and family can see how good she is,and if im recommending people spend their money on her she must be worth it.Ive had other readings before and got told total rubbish and got charged a fortune.Looking forward to my next reading and would recommend Sandra to anyone.

    (Posted on 2012-04-23 19:24:00 by maggie ferguson)
  32. Hi, Unfurtunately I cant say that your reading was correct! Your reading to myself stated that you felt that I should concieve around end of March this month and that the 12th was important to keep in mind! After trying since January up till now has been "Unsuccessful"! However you did get other details right about how it was being done and about the stress factors! But sorry that I am not able to give you great feedback this time round!

    (Posted on 2012-04-06 09:05:00 by Margaret)
  33. I have had a couple of readings from Sandra and both of them have been fantastic, so good they convinced my sceptic partner to get one, he is very unsure of psychic meduims but Sandra's readings convinced him otherwise! Lovely girl and would really recomend her. xx

    (Posted on 2012-04-03 10:03:00 by Jackie)
  34. Would definitely recommend Sandra as one of the best psychics I have had a reading from. She is very gifted and her predictions are very true. She is so accurate and a lovely person.

    (Posted on 2012-04-03 07:13:00 by Carol Wilson)
  35. Just had a photo reading done and it was amazing!

    If your thinking of having a reading with Sandra think no more she is extreamly gifted and her readings are spot on.
    I love the fact that in Sandra's photo reading you have the e-mail which you can read over and over again and keep for future refrence.

    Thank you so much Sandra......I have the biggest smile. xxx

    (Posted on 2012-04-02 22:05:00 by June Christie)
  36. Hello, I got a reading from you a few months ago for conception. We've had a hard time getting pregnant with #2 (it's been a whole year since our last miscarriage) and I just got my +HPT this morning. You were totally right on the dot! Feb/March conception and today is the 9th which you said the number 9 would be important. Yay! Thank you so much! Will be recommending! Cant wait to see if this is a boy again. Then I will know for sure you were spot on with everything.

    (Posted on 2012-02-09 13:48:00 by StarLily)
  37. Just wanted to update you on your reading on my conception reading. I got my positive hpt today. And, I had tubes tied 2009 I cant believe it. I regretted it being done when i got my divorce and met my true love and thought we would never have a child because I couldn't afford reverse or IVF. But, god blessed us. You said Febuary bfp and I just got bfp today. So you where spot on pretty much. Tu!

    (Posted on 2012-02-01 13:10:00 by stephanie)
  38. had a photo reading done by you,you said a lot of things that made sense to me,will be going for a full reading next time,thanks xxx

    (Posted on 2012-01-31 12:46:00 by sandra hargreaves)
  39. Thank you for the reading Sandra it was amazing. A lot of things were spot on which no-one would ever have known (even I had managed to blank them out). I am really grateful and had a great nights sleep for the first time in months. Thanks again I will defo be seeing you soon xxx

    (Posted on 2012-01-31 08:24:00 by Lorraine)
  40. totally spot on with 2 photos readings she done for me and waiting on 3rd one. was able too tell me things nobody would know.... deffo recommend...once again sandra thank you very much xx

    (Posted on 2012-01-23 08:53:00 by claire stirling)
  41. Hi Just got my first photo reading from you and there are things you are already spot on about and others I will have to wait and see.

    (Posted on 2012-01-07 22:25:00 by Lorraine)
  42. Hello!
    I was lucky enough to win a free photo reading so although it was'nt long everything that was written was spot on, infact it was so accurate it was a bit scary. I had goose bumps and chills all over when she said how id been seeing spirits around - I thought i was going crazy!

    (Posted on 2012-01-07 20:51:00 by Amy)
  43. Just to let you know you were right.I found out yesterday i am pregnant,thankyou.

    (Posted on 2011-11-27 16:04:00 by Kim)
  44. Hiya Sandra, had a reading from you 3 months ago, and you predicted that i would concieve in March. Sadly you were not correct had my scan today im 13 weeks. you did pick up my some details of my son which i dont know if the messages got crossed or something. But I would like to thank you amazing experience x

    (Posted on 2011-11-18 22:15:00 by Jade)
  45. I just got a conception reading from you and absolutely loved it. I am currently trying to conceive #2. I just got the reading last week so I will update as the information comes through! Thank you for doing this :)

    (Posted on 2011-11-16 16:11:00 by Lisa)
  46. Hi Sandra,I just wanted to let you know that I have my bfp!.my edd is 22/07/2012 so I would say you're spot on!.I really hope the sex will be right too.I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart .lots of love,

    (Posted on 2011-11-15 20:54:00 by keri-ann)
  47. Hi Sandra,

    Back in June, you sent me this conception reading below, and I just wanted to write to say a huge thank you! I can't believe how accurate you were in your prediction (though I will have to wait until July to confirm if the baby is a boy). My period was due the 7th November and didn't show up. I've just tested positive this morning and am very ecstatic.

    So thank you again. You are a lucky lady with a great gift/talent.
    I wish you all the best.
    Zoe xx

    (Posted on 2011-11-11 14:50:00 by zoe)
  48. thanks sandra spot on will def be comming to you again for a reading thankyou so much xxx

    (Posted on 2011-11-07 23:33:00 by anne)
  49. hey got ur reading, its spot on, just a couple of things a will ask about n figure them out thanks again, will be recommendin u, x

    (Posted on 2011-11-06 21:56:00 by claire bruce)
  50. Thanks for Iris's reading! you seem to be getting better and better!!! I am really proud of you!

    (Posted on 2011-11-06 21:54:00 by Kristina hansen)
  51. You were very spot on with my reading! You really gave me hope so thanks!

    (Posted on 2011-10-29 20:45:00 by Jennifer)
  52. Hi sandra Just to let you know you Felt pregnancy by August september but was being more drawn to September...well I got my positive pregnancy test 7th september 2011 and baby is due in May as you predicted ...I will update you on the gender as you predict a Girl for me but wont find that out until late december ,early january as im only just gone 11 weeks............I have to say you were spot on and I cant thank you enough Ive reccomended you to many friends whom you have done readings for and they are all very happy with their readings ...your fantastic sandra many thanks jennie xx

    (Posted on 2011-10-28 14:43:00 by jennie)
  53. Hi Just got my first reading from you and there are things you are already spot on about and others I have to wait and see xx

    (Posted on 2011-10-19 13:50:00 by Helen)
  54. You already guessed the sex of two of my babies, and you have this one right too :) x

    (Posted on 2011-10-13 17:10:00 by laura)
  55. Hi Sandra ...Just to let you know I got my positive pregnancy test in september baby due in may just as you predicted...will update you with the gender when I have my scan But spot on for me Thank you so much xxxx

    (Posted on 2011-10-13 17:10:00 by j x)
  56. Hi Sandra. I can relate to most of the things in my 2 readings. Obviously I dont really want to say about one of the things as its to do with my own personal life, but I can relate to that as well. Thank you sooo much.

    (Posted on 2011-08-31 12:08:00 by hbpencils)
  57. I just wanted to let you know that you were RIGHT!!! I conceived in April and tested positive on 4/25. I wanted to wait a bit to send an email just to make sure everything was normal. I am 14 weeks as of this past Saturday and the heartbeat is going strong. We have our scan in mid-August and I am anxiously waiting to know if we are having a boy or a girl. Obviously I will be happy with either but I felt very connected to your reading and I strongly feel it will be a boy. Thank you so much for the reading, I've had about 5 of them and yours was the only one that gave me goosebumps and really hit the nail on the head


    (Posted on 2011-08-15 21:15:00 by rebecca)
  58. Hey Sandra . U done a 1 question reading for me , u said the question I asked doesnt normally work as comes under a mediumship reading . But everything you said I could relate to in my life . Would defo reccommend you and defo going to get a full mediumship reading done now to find out more :) Thanks again Sandra xx

    (Posted on 2011-07-11 15:00:00 by Toni)
  59. thought idd let you know the conception reading you did for me in april 2010 has been 100% correct, including conception date and sex of the bby, found out im having a little boy this morning thankyou very much sandra xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    (Posted on 2011-07-05 15:36:00 by Laura)
  60. omg very true ive suffered few miscarriages ...i do have a pink dress with pink frilly knickers hanging in my wardrobe and a blanket with a girls name on this...reason for this is with my last pregnancy i was told at a private gender scan I was having a Girl but....she turnt out to be a he lol...I know a lady called chloe ...My boys I have with my partner all have very fair hair...the tiredness you are spot on with and i have been taking vit b complex last 2 weeks which has lifted my energy loads...my moto in life is small step make huge progress and ive just started asking My Angels for things so once again WOW spot on thank you so much and I look forward to updating you ...fantastic very pleased will highly reccomend you

    (Posted on 2011-07-05 10:38:00 by jen)
  61. Sandra is amazing! I have had a few readings off her and she always amazes me with how accurate she is. It can take a lil while to get readings and she can be very busy but i do suggest waiting as it will be worth it!! :)

    (Posted on 2011-07-01 07:04:00 by paula-alan)
  62. Hi,
    I just want to say that i received a reading from Sandra yesterday, and it really set me back.....she mentioned my mums name who passed away 10 years, and that she could see this lady connected to farming...i come from a farming background...she also mentioned that she was drawn to a white car, and she was unsure why! I am always raving about a car that i see at work everyday, its my favourite car ever...and its white!! also...she mentioned many other things that also hit home with me....i would highly recommend Sandra for a reading x

    (Posted on 2011-05-24 17:56:00 by Joanne)
  63. I have added feedback for readings I have had from Sandra in the past and now I am here again because it is just so amazing how well Sandra tunes into my numerous pets pictures and gives me spot on information about them (whether lost/missing, dead, alive..she always knows) and she has proved over time to always WITHOUT FAIL to get her predictions spot on..I know I won't go anywhere else..for pet readings, Sandra is the best I have ever contacted and I might as well add she has always been spot on too with Mediumship readings. Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (Posted on 2011-05-23 03:42:00 by Saysi Winter)
  64. Hey hun,

    You did me a reading back in OCT 2010 it opened with,

    "Ok as i tune in i want to mention where i am drawn to december of this year going into january , the 28th of a month is important, and i feel this would link to the conception of a boy. I want to mention where im drawn to september of next year early for his birth, i also feel drawn to saying he is two weeks or so early as well, but in perfect health , and a bit bigger than average weight, as i feel he is going to be around 8 lbs 11 ounces."

    Ok this is why I am freaked out, I ovulated on the 28th Dec, I am due the 19th Sept, I also have a chart that the hospital gave me at the 12 weeks scan that if baby followes the line will be about 8lb 10.5oz, will be finding out if its a boy on the 3rd of May!!!

    Just had to let you know how spot on with dates you were and you totally freaked me out haha.

    (Posted on 2011-04-07 18:29:00 by anon)
  65. I have used Sandra for a while now she is like friend she has always been right. If you want a real reading then just buy from her she will help you. X

    (Posted on 2011-02-20 02:13:00 by dancelover)
  66. I have had numerous readings from Sandra and She has been right on all of them
    She picks up on names, dates and other personal things.
    Thanks Sandra!! I want your gift!

    (Posted on 2011-02-18 16:26:00 by Tina)
  67. Sandra's reading for me was spot on in all ways about me as a person and my life and she mentioned she saw a course coming up well I have been planning on doing a hypnotherapy course later this year so that was right! She mentioned a mother figure coming through from Spirit being concerned about my mother, and my mother is in a nursing home just now and has health issues, no doubt the connection was from her mother (my Grandmother that passed when I was 2yrs old) Sandra also mentioned a father figure from Spirit and described his ways so clearly ! She said he was talking to her about flowers, well I arrange a pedestal arrangement at what was the church Mum & Dad attended, in memory of Dad, for my mum several times a year. Sandra also mentioned Dad was telling her about an illness or news of one to come within 6 months and at the time I had no idea I had an illness but later the next week was diagnosed with major illness. It was comforting to think my Dad in Spirit knows about this :) Sandra also mentioned a younger energy, amd connected a sisterly Spirit and said she had passed young but she saw her in the stages of growing up to now a young woman. This was most likley my partner's sister who died very young and would now have been a woman. She also mentioned 'showing me where there is some sort of perseverance ,i feel that you are having to wait for something at the moment, and its linked to compensation or a reward of some sort in a sense, i want to mention where i'm being drawn to a time frame of four weeks ' and this couldn't have been more true! In fact I have had two readings with Sandra now and have been utterly blown away by her ability to pick up on direct references, not just vagueness or any ambiguity but spot on facts in relation to me. Spirit is for sure working through Sandra and I highly recommend her readings!

    (Posted on 2011-02-17 03:46:00 by Saysi Winter (Visionary Psychic Medium & Healer))
  68. hi just had reading done yest, i can relate 2 most of it, the lady u saw gran type wearin a shawl was my gran i losed few years ago. u got me rite 2 a tea. an also u mentioned 4 miscarriages which was true. so just prayin my conception an birth of baby r right as me a partner bn trying for 4 years. so if it happens ill give feed back xxx thanx again sandra xxx

    (Posted on 2011-02-07 18:55:00 by tracy muir)
  69. Unfortunately I had a reading done in October and was predicted December/January conception with a boy which has been wrong, although the reading got other things correct(ish) :( I wish you were right Sandra really really hoped you were :(

    (Posted on 2011-02-07 18:06:00 by kelly)
  70. Sandra did a general psychic/mediumship/card reading for myself and hit the nail on the head in several areas. I was very impressed and have now come back for other readings - recommend

    (Posted on 2010-11-28 12:42:00 by KAREN QUILTER)
  71. I had a reading done a few months ago, and totally forgot to reply on here :)
    The reading stated, that she saw : a baby girl and that september is an important month!
    Early September we got our BFP :) and are now due May 15th :) We have a very strong feeling that its going to be a girl, so *fingers crossed* And everything else on the reading was absolutely spot on!

    Thank You Sandra :) xx

    (Posted on 2010-11-07 22:34:00 by Nikki)
  72. Hi everyone
    Sandra did a reading for me about a month or two ago predicting a baby boy born in May. Unfortunately I had an early miscarriage the first of this month but I believe she would have been right on, just as she was with the three card tarot spread! Im going to be ordering an other soon as we are not back to TTC. I cant wait!

    (Posted on 2010-09-27 14:06:00 by Erica Jerome)
  73. Sandra did me a lovely conception reading for August 2010, birth May 2011. It didn't happen but I liked the reading all the same

    (Posted on 2010-08-27 10:34:00 by Katie)
  74. Well today i found out i was carrying a little boy,Sandra had predicted it and absolutely made up,so it will be interesting now to see when hes born :-) thanks Sandra xxxxxx

    (Posted on 2010-08-05 19:11:00 by Sara Hill)
  75. hey sandra i had my scan an im havein a boy

    so u were rite all along xxx

    i dnt no how much to thankyou but ur amazing xxx

    (Posted on 2010-07-30 16:55:00 by zoe)
  76. I had a reading from Sandra last month and she told me within the next 3 months I had a reading couple of days ago she told me she thought I was PG I got a BFP on 20th July! Although I was told May would be my birth month and that has been told to me by another lady who is a spiritualist clairvoyant May would be the month I either found out or is my birth month so Im a month out! xx

    (Posted on 2010-07-24 12:48:00 by guernsey)
  77. Sandra got my BFP right too, she's 4 weeks old now so good luck girls

    (Posted on 2010-07-24 12:47:00 by nica)
  78. Just wanted to let you all know that mid last year sandra done me a reading and she explained that i might be getting my BFP in october 09, that didnt happen so i bought another from her and she explained that MAY was really significant and she wasnt sure if this was my month that i was going to concieve , but also asked me if i knew anyone called may just incase ( i dont ) so i just took it with a pinch of salt.....

    Im now 11 +3 weeks pregnant and i concieved on 2nd MAY 2010! !Sandra was right !!

    (Posted on 2010-07-24 12:46:00 by 1st time mummy)
  79. Sandra predicted that my son was a boy and was right, im now pregnant again and once again she predicted a boy and again she is right :-) brilliant! x x

    (Posted on 2010-07-23 21:17:00 by Laura friess)
  80. sandra did a 6 month spread and conception reading for me earlier in the year and she has been absolutely spot on with everything she said. we just need to wait a little longer to find it if she was right about baby being a little boy but ive got a feeling she was right about that too. there isnt a single thing that she wasnt spot on with right down the members of my family who are sensitive to spirit just like me....and one of them didnt even admit it to us until last month. well done sandra and i cant say anything apart from that. will definately have more readings done by you xx

    (Posted on 2010-06-29 15:13:00 by amanda carey)
  81. Sandra said i was pregnant and was carrying a boy,i had scan and she was spot on she also told me the weight the baby would be and what his gonna look like so il let you know lol:),lots of other info family names spot on also,very friendly and helpful Brilliant xxxx

    (Posted on 2010-06-27 18:02:00 by kirsty stiff)
  82. Had a reading a few months,it was as if I had told her the situation verbally,it was spot on

    (Posted on 2010-06-23 16:31:00 by Shirley Myers)
  83. I had a full year reading and Sandra predicted that finally some paper work will be finished and we will be handed some keys. We bought our first car in March, which was a lot of paper work. She also told me that someone close will be going through a difficult time but will come out of it in June/July. My mam, and both my sisters have been going through difficult times and all are starting to feel better about issues now. Thanks Sandra! Also there was a lot about realising what my potential should be and ideas and things like this for work, and just lately I am very creative with ideas for work and have produced lots of new things for the team I am working with. Thanks Sandra!

    (Posted on 2010-06-21 11:53:00 by Nichola)
  84. I have had several reading from sandra in the last 6 months, she has been right on several things, like my photo reading she explained what type of person i am to a t, i was going to hear news of a baby in april, my daughter told me in april she was pregnant, she knew that where i stayed is in a busy street and noisy, i stay in a town centre above several shops and a busy street and its to noisy for me lol, she says about some hassle i was having in my work place which was correct, she explained about my issues with relationships with men which i have a barrier up and dont trust men, i do have relationship issues with men as been burnt to many times and takes me a lot for me to let my barriers down and be able to trust a guy. She also told me that i have problems with my muscles and stomach which i do i have cronic fatigue and ibs, she also says that i tend to worry what others think rather than thinking of myself which i do. I think sandra is very good and accurate in what she says and you wont be disapointed with any reading you get from her.

    (Posted on 2010-06-19 04:33:00 by petra)
  85. Last christmas i turned to sandra to help advise me of what might be coming up in my life, she told me she felt like i was shedding tears for the last while,( very true i was involved in a custody case with my ex partner over our daughter), she then told me i would move home but not for long, (i moved in febuary to a new private rented home, only to be offered three weeks later but the local council for a home of my own) she told me about my relationship and she was also right. Everything she predicts is so accurate that it really feels like she is the only who can advise you on your future. she made me feel at peace with myself. I cannot tell you enough how she is the most amazing woman with a truly talented ability. Long may she continue her work.

    (Posted on 2010-06-18 15:26:00 by Misha)
  86. well u told me u could see house move and things would improve for me . i moved 2 weeks ago and love new house am so happy here thatnks sandra. looking forward to my next reading . u were spot on with all u told me xxlove and light xx

    (Posted on 2010-06-17 23:35:00 by ash duffy)
  87. i have had a few readings and all accurate, said my boyfriend would get a job in the building trade after christmas and he did, also said exactly where i was getting pains etc and to go back doctors and not to take no for answer i am now having tests done. thank you so much x

    (Posted on 2010-06-17 19:08:00 by rachel)
  88. Hi ya, Sandra correctly predicted when I would fall pregnant and also said it would be a boy which it is! I also noticed today when looking back at my readings that she said in an earlier readings I def had links to June/July to do with conception and my son is due the 28th June! So a def well done Sandra and thanks very much. I've also had various other readings and they have been spot on. Karen xxxxx

    (Posted on 2010-06-17 18:57:00 by Karen)
  89. Hi All, just to also add that so far what has been predicted by Sandra has been true. She she done a reading about conception for my sister; I will keep you updated accordingly. Thanks Sandra x

    (Posted on 2010-06-17 16:37:00 by Ref)
  90. Hi all,
    I got a reading from Sandra that made me cry it was so accurate. I am hoping her prediction for conception will come true. Will have to wait and see. I have recommended her to friends that have also gotten readings that they are happy with. I would definitely go to her again.

    (Posted on 2010-06-17 15:23:00 by Dee)
  91. i got my bfp end of june only bit out .. xxx

    (Posted on 2010-06-17 15:12:00 by mandy)
  92. Hello,

    I just wanted to tell you. I had my BFP today so concieved in July. My test says 2-3weeks so u were right! well done and thankyou. Now we shall see if u were right about the sex (boy)...
    Thankyou xxxx( from august 2009)

    Kirsty x

    (Posted on 2010-06-17 15:04:00 by Kay Brown)
  93. Sandra done me a 12 month reading in 2009 up to april this year, I ticked every month off and everything she stated happened. Things included the month she saw me having a scan as I had a protruding bump, however I miscarried shortly after. She saw relationships, career moves, me taking driving lessons even down to the colour car I will be learning in. There was no indication of her being wrong in her readings, I have used Sandra numerous times and she never has predicted me wrong. x Thank you x

    (Posted on 2010-06-17 13:46:00 by Melissa Surridge)
  94. You predicted that we would foster/adopt and you were absolutely right as we are in the process of fostering right now. You also said we had been through heartache which we had but we would be rewarded and we really feel we are being with the fostering. Thank you so much xxx

    (Posted on 2010-06-17 13:35:00 by Katie Marks)

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