Open Circles Of Mediumship

I Hold online circles of mediumship on a Monday , and Friday, as well as days in between should people be interested.I also hold a free one each month, and raise money for charity at times with circles aswell, the last one we did raised £60 for The malcom Sergent Home for children.
  What my circle involves is , we all meet within a special chatroom that i have or the one within the site, i let you know.The ticket price is £2 ,
this includes a demonstration of mediumship from me, usually lasting an hour, where i bring spirit through who want to leave messages , along with Development exercises for you all to try afterwards, the circles usually go very well, and i have had great feedback from them.
  If you are interested in joining in with the next one, please either email me , or join the site and i will contact you when the next one is due.Hope to see you all soon.