Past life readings

Ok with a past life reading , it involves me tuning into you and your guides , who will give me information on lifes already lived, i do not use cards for this, I feel that this is a very helpful reading if you have phobias or issue to deal with now , as it may give insight into what caused them and how to overcome them in a sense, it may also show that you spent your past life with people you already know now, i feel that its a very interesting reading.
If you have any questions about the reading , feel free to ask.
The reading will cost £5 and can be paid for in the usual manner via paypal.

Also offering a Spirit Guide Reading

This can either reveal your guides to you , or help you to see how to tune into them and recognise them yourself, is very helpful if looking to develop more.
This is £5.
Again if you need more info do ask x