one card relationship
special offer
Using a pendulum , i will answer one question for you.
Pedulum reading answer one question
One card reading, either in general around this area, or to a specific question you have , i will go into as much detail as possible with this reading.
One card conception / pregnancy reading
This is where i choose one card and give you what i get in general, or you can ask me a specific question.
One card reading
two cards , you can  either ask a question for each , or have them in general around this topic.
Two card conception / pregnancy reading
One love card and one tarot card.Or two cards love or two cards tarot.Looking at two specific areas or quesions or just in general for you
Two card reading
can look at the area in general for you , or a question for each of your cards.
3 cards conception / pregnancy
Photo reading is where i would look at a photo and give what i get , anything thats picked up on , there is not limit in legnth just what i pick up around the photo.This can be done as one person in the photo, a couples photo reading, or a family photo, options are on the payment part for what you would like :) i have been asked to do these as a special so this is it :)
Photo readings , one person, couples , and family starting at £5