This is a simple three card reading using tarot or angel  cards, this can be done in general or you can ask me to look at a specific area or question for you
3 card reading
Linking to spirit , see who comes through and anything else in general
Mini mediumship reading
having strange dreams, let me see what i can pick up from them with this mini reading.
Mini Dream interpretation
Mini reading looking into your accomadation , where you live , will you move , etc
Mini reading looking at living situations
Are you pregnant and would like to know what you are having , then i can let you know what i think with this reading as well as weight and anything else that comes .
Pregnancy gender prediction
Three cards either looking in general or asking three specific question about your relationship/ love life etc.
Three card love reading
Reading through live facebook chat , i will give what im picking up , and you are free to ask questions while this is going on.
Live facebook chat reading
This can be done in general looking over the next three months and whats to come, or if you wish i can chose a card for each month for you ,
3 months ahead reading
Mini general reading , giving everything that i pick up ,plus a one card reading.
Mini general reading