Tarot Spreads

I also do a variety of Tarot Spreads,which can help you look into certain areas of your life, ask questions, or look ahead.

One of my popular spreads, is the 12 Month Ahead Tarot Reading.

Basically i start with this month, chosing each card as i go along , for you,describing what each card means in realtion to you, and adding any of my psychic intuition,then i send you the reading via email.Can also just do a general overview of the month without cards if your prefer that.

This spread costs £20( had to up the price of this as its very popular and actually takes over an hour or more to do)

Ok now also i have the Horoscope spread for the same price and with that 13 cards are used its more of a general outlook reading looking at areas for example, love, work, children,friends, as well as many more, great all round general reading.This will cost 15 pounds.